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What is an online casino?

Virtual, Internet or online casinos embody thoroughly improved online software-based representations of their land-based counterparts, delivering the types of entertainment one would normally have found in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos but now offering a far wider variety and incorporating enhancements aimed purely at delivering much-improved entertainment values. Virtual casinos, by their very nature, offer numerous additional inherent benefits which we will expand upon in ouro Security and Saf scribblings below.

During its early formative years, the online casino gambling entertainment industry somewhat resembled the old American Wild West. The volatility of the World Wide Web and the relative anonymity it offers, especially during these early years, together with its high-speed traffic & transactions caught international lawmaker’s flat-foot. This left a massive new world open to be used and abused at high speed according to each operator’s morals and interpretation of what they personally considered constitutes as right or wrong. In other words, in some cases, the tremendous consumer demand created fertile grounds for the virtual overnight growth of an uncontrolled casino industry that gave rise to the appearance of a legion of disreputable online gambling houses and bookmakers sporting questionable bonus offers.

There were those that operated with the intent to entrapping client funds by subjecting it to the correct casino you may consider joining. Instead, it is a rule set aimed purely at leaving their clientele without any hope of ever being able to meet the wagering requirements which would free their money. This was simply due to many of these so-called gambling entertainment establishments run by nothing more than shysters that showed no regard for and gave no consideration to, the future of the online iGaming entertainment industry.

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However, the story may at this point sound very one sided, but it did not start nor end with the early casinos acting criminally or unreasonably, all blame was not due to casinos, not by a very long shot. The entire unpleasant scenario started with dishonesty on the side of supposed clientele, with the rise of so-called “Bonus Whores”, a validly coined name given to a certain new form of online players whose only intention was to claim bonuses without the intention of returning to make future deposits. This particular type of lowlife were the ones guilty of first creating and spreading an atmosphere of distrust and dishonesty between casinos and their potential clientele, an atmosphere that quickly forced honest casinos to change and turn overly protective of themselves by beginning to adopt increasingly strict rules, especially rules pertaining to free bonus funds.

These first restrictive rulesets were the doorways that needed to be open allowing shyster operators to abuse the system to their advantage by starting up casinos of questionable nature. Initially many casinos made new members offers allowing them to genuinely play for free, with indeed very few strings attached. Offers handing out free, essentially cash, money which these immoral creatures then abused by posing in as newly signing members joining under false pretenses, claim their free bonus, play a short while, withdraw the funds never to be seen again. A despicable act performed by droves of these immoral louts eventually causing significant financial damage to online casinos, with many subsequently forced to close down, in many instances with casino members losing all funds showing in their player accounts.

This ripple effect soon touched all net-based areas of activity, mostly due to early formats and versions of web security still being pretty basic. Vandals and fraudsters were quick to see and grab their opportunity until it covered all aspects of the internet. This saw complex AI viruses, trojans, DDos attacks, data hostage taking, database breaches, fraudulent news, Google, Facebook posts, and a multitude of lesser-known client data scandals. It quickly brought the internet and especially, all available security measures, into disrepute as a whole.

Fortunately for the betterment of all in the iGaming industry, industry leaders from leading software development studios and major casino entertainment providers had the foresight to assume responsibility and provide quick, effective, easily enforceable, non-invasive solutions. These highly experienced of the industry made cooperative decisions to institute certain measures of control, ensuring a total clampdown on items critical to operational requirements for online casino gambling. This included a complete shut down in the supply of casino software operating platforms as well as gaming software titles (games of all kinds) to “Rogue Casino” venues operating under these unreasonable rule sets. All while simultaneously upping security measures covering all
aspects of online casino operations until bulletproofed against all known forms of data breaching or data interception while on the site.

Expending considerable effort, they enforced, supported, and encouraged the establishment and complete incorporation of a number of industrywide self-regulating measures such as ensuring the fairness of each game remains under their personal control by hard coding and embedding RNG into all their gaming titles. This together with meditative and punitive bodies such as eCOGRA, and several industry-wide rewards systems such as the annual EGR Industry Awards brought about a much-needed change, finally heading the industry into the right direction.

In perfect hindsight, one can appreciate the considerable foresight, financing and effort these visionaries expended to clean up and rebuild the validity & belief in the honesty, fairness, and reputation of the online gambling entertainment industry as a whole. Especially so, when considering it required more than a decade for the slow grinding gears of local governmental bodies, politicians, and international lawgivers to play catch-up and institute formal measures of semi-logical, semi-comprehensive regulated controls. Controls still plagued by constitutional legal issues, political infighting, and political grandstanding, which caused only a few of the more dynamic international governments to institute and enforce these protective laws in any strict fashion.

One of the much-needed controls instituted by industry and legal, governmental regulatory bodies was the requirement for entities operating as gambling venues to be in possession of a legitimate gambling operator’s license permitting them to deliver the services within certain stringently specified jurisdictional boundaries. Present-day, by law, each operator, before opening its virtual doors with the intention to operate and provide any form of gambling services to the citizens residing within most countries must apply for and undergo a thorough vetting and auditing procedure. This is done to ensure they meet certain strict qualifying criteria before qualifying as eligible to receive a casino operator’s licence of one form or another. Present day, a comprehensive range of individual licences cover all formats and aspects of online gambling.

Reputable casino operators normally welcome any reasonable additional method of proving their honesty and fairness. The latest voluntary trend shows most of the major industry-leading casino entertainment operators voluntarily ensuring they meet certification/licencing standards that adhere to not just one, but several regulating bodies. This includes both governmental bodies, and in many cases, subjecting themselves to even stricter standards of industry-accepted criteria set by independent self-regulating bodies.

The independent self-regulating bodies quickly became highly-effective top-quality tools born from the collective experience of industry insiders. Most leading development studios and casino were not only responsible for the establishment of such bodies but, still to this day, remain subject to their rules and regulations while continuing to serve as valued, qualified advisors and members.

How do we choose an online casino – the top factors?

Contrary to one’s initial instincts, a massive variety of games to select from, yes its up there but is definitely not the number one priority when it comes to selecting the correct casino you may consider joining. Instead, it is imperative to ensure your newly favourited casino helps you avoid any potentially far-reaching future legal ramifications. This is even more so when considering the once-started-it-becomes-unstoppable, slow-grinding nature of current day legal systems that at times have a tendency to chew up and consume time and money. It also brings about tremendous stress to the lives of innocent members of its individual citizenry before the system finally grinds to a halt upon an often unfair decision causing even further ruin upon already wrecked lives.

There are multiple factors that must be considered when weighing your options prior to making your final choices for new or additional casino entertainment venues. These include:

  • licencing and regulations
  • casino and software provider reputation
  • fair gaming practices
  • game mechanics
  • gaming libraries
  • quality of software and development studios
  • extent of mobile compatibility
  • variety and regularity
  • value of special bonus and promotional offers
  • variety and security levels in payment options
  • standards of customer service
  • variety of available languages and currencies

License and Regulations

A Casino Operator’s Licence serves several functions, all aimed at formally instituting safeguarding and safekeeping measures to serve the online public at large, casino clientele/members, as well as casino operators themselves in a number of ways. Its ultimate goal being the protection of all against any existing or foreseeable future dangers, be it from others, each other, or often protecting persons against their own actions.

You may want to familiarise yourself with which licencing bodies one would consider credible. Jurisdictional governmental bodies established with a pure aim of regulating and controlling gambling activities within its borders would qualify as credible. While there are numerous national bodies, the ones commonly known to be the strictest, most effective, and consistent in their application and enforcement of the law are in the western hemisphere. They include:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Curaçao eGaming Licensing Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Gibraltar Licensing & Regulatory Authority (GRA)
  • Malta Lottery & Gaming Authority (LGA)

In contrast, countries such as the USA allow individual state legislatures to enact laws and who may or may not choose to establish bodies specifically responsible for regulating and controlling gambling activities, also such state laws and bodies only carry any weight within each state’s own personal borders.

Please do ensure any future casino or bookmaker you consider signing-up with presents its services while in possession of a valid licence from a credible licencing body, with the licence being both current and authorised for use as per the stated specified purposes inside the borders and jurisdictions of the country wherein it provides its services. All our casino partners more than meet any and all of the criteria mentioned above. They post their licencing number together with brief qualifying details, as a live hyperlink revealing the full details of their licence as well as the intended purpose and restrictions. This is normally found in a number of easily visible locations such as the Help menu, About Us, or top or bottom of the Home Page.

Casino reputation

Any online casino entertainment venue relies heavily on its hard-won reputation for opening the door and convert interested visitors into-newly-signing-members. One of the most compelling, uncomplicated methods for determining the credibility, reliability, and product quality of any online casino entertainment venue is to view the standard of services and quality of its products through the eyes of experienced aficionados such as gamers and professional reviewers. For this method to be effective, you should read as many casino reviews as your time allows for, since reading numerous reviews of one casino provides you with a far better overall picture than perhaps stumbling upon and forming a biased opinion by reading an angry review from just one disgruntled customer.

Another easy method to test the standards and levels of service a person could expect from a casino is using the casino in question’s Live Chat option to contact a service agent, note the length of the delay before the agent responds. Ask the service agent a few fundamental questions from a list you prepared beforehand and then note the quality of response and accuracy of information, continue to repeat this easy process at each casino on your shortlist.

Fair Gaming

Any consumer regularly using online casino entertainment venues would wish for not only reassurance of the fairness of the casino but also the fairness of the resultant outcomes of each and every game they could possibly come across and its gaming library. A seemingly impossible task, because of the millions of games and thousands of online casinos that operate internationally, providing gambling entertainment services to more than just one country.

These international online casinos subsequently become subject to meeting a broad variety of requirements set by the various jurisdictions of the numerous national formal licensing bodies whose rules and regulations may contain certain areas of oversight and possible confusion. For this reason, leading software studios made a central decision to self-govern thereby delivering all their gaming titles with bulletproof, built-in safety features ensuring fairness through randomness. To clarify, each individual gaming title ensures every game’s resultant outcome remains completely fair via RNG, an acronym for Random Number Generator, a specialised random number generating program hard-coded into each game’s software.

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In a further self-governing move, the industry encouraged and supported instituting a number of specialised, internationally recognised, and highly qualified independent auditing & certification bodies all of whom exist purely to subject each casino and the complete spectrum of games contained in its gaming library to a comprehensive, stringent testing methodology. All casinos need to complete this procedure before receiving full certification as assurance the casino software operating platform, practices, as well as the full complement of games contained in its entertainment portfolio proves completely secure while remaining entirely fair via RNG. The primary group of independent testing bodies responsible for ensuring fairness in gaming comprises of, eCOGRA, iTech Labs, TST, GLI, Gaming Associates, NMi, BMM Test Labs, and SQS.

Unless a casino receives full certification of compliancy from at least one of these independent auditing services it will receive no software or support from any of the leading online software development studios we named in our initial discussion.

UK-based eCOGRA, established in 2003, sets the gold standard for auditing services in guaranteeing and certifying fair practices remain the norm in all member casino venues in the iGaming entertainment industry. eCOGRA is the internationally recognised acronym for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.
Please take note of this highly important piece of advice, even if a site operates under the auspices of a legal licence, any site not displaying the eCOGRA, or at least one seal of approval for certification from the above listed independent auditing companies, should in all probability have its name exiled from your consideration. The key reason we include this statement is simple; eCOGRA and its list of sister industry-recognised auditors sets extremely stringent globe-spanning standards and requirements that casinos absolutely have to meet in the most minute detail before qualifying for a successful audit and receive its stamp of approval.

These audit requirements and standards have the benefit of being drafted by highly experienced specialist gambling industry auditors and aimed squarely at controlling the standards of fairness and security in the online gambling entertainment industry. In contrast, aside from our list of credible licensing bodies, most country-specific national licencing criteria & standards suffer from unforeseen gaps and inconsistency. This is because they vary from country to country with numerous national regulatory bodies and controls put in place by well-meaning politicians and other non-experts without having had the benefit of extensive expert input from trustworthy industry insiders, which often makes these protective measures and licenses about as effective as a guard dog with rubber teeth.

Available games

Up to this stage, we have discussed a smidgen of gambling history, potential pitfalls, as well as credibility & fairness, and this finally brings us to the crux of why you first initiated this quest, the highly appealing entertainment aspect offered by online gambling entertainment venues! To now choose a casino that easily meets and exceeds all the above criteria without considering the size and quality of its range of gaming titles would certainly defeat the object.

Convenience, an absolutely unbeatable variety of entertainment types, as well as an unmatchable range of game titles and options remains two of the many primary benefits online casinos enjoy over their well-established brick-’n-mortar cousins. Currently, online casinos deliver an incredible player experience made possible by awe-inspiring advances in technology which allows players to enjoy the highest levels of immersive gameplay through innovations such as gamification.
There is also the action and excitement of live dealer gaming streamed in high definition video from dedicated gambling broadcast studios via lag-free broadband low-latency lines to allow the ultimate experience in social interaction between players and the dealer. While for the tech junkies a few casinos already started delivering, with more soon to follow, the capacity to enjoy the extremes of immersion via gaming sessions in 3D while browsing through specialised VR casino lounges in true VR 3D.

Our partnered high-end casinos deliver massive gaming variety via a huge range of gaming titles and types, not just reaching into the hundreds, but well into the thousands. Members will have access to extensive gaming libraries that feature vast ranges of the latest, most popular slot titles many of which offer life-changing progressive jackpot pools valued in the multi-million or even tens of millions USD/GBP/EUR. Our casino partners feature massive gaming libraries that deliver a complete cross-section of slot categories containing the full spectrum of available slot themes with most offering a vast array of bonus features.

Players preferring traditional casino table gaming entertainment can avail themselves to numerous options that offer top-quality live dealer casino gaming variants which may prove highly rewarding due to a variety of generous jackpots made available in traditional casino table games. These include baccarat, blackjack, poker and video poker, craps, PaiGow, and roulette to name just a few.

Importantly, all members receive free access to choose and play, at no cost just for fun while familiarising yourself, at any of our vast range of demo free play slots and other demo versions. Please be assured all gameplay visuals, graphics and mechanics of our demo versions reflect exact simulations of their real money counterparts. This allows you to, at no cost to yourself, explore and experiment freely amongst all the available gaming types and individual gaming titles until you discover the type of action and gameplay you may find most appealing and entertaining.

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Software providers

Software quality of both the casino platform and its games offering will prove crucially important since it will have a major impact on providing you with a superior player experience during each and every one of your iGaming sessions. Consider, the virtual world you experience in any online casino is purely dependent on the quality of its software, determining which games you play, the quality, fairness, reliability, security, safety, satisfaction, and enjoyment levels delivered by each game you will ever enjoy.

Subsequently, logically it would make perfect sense for any purveyor of online casinos to possess a fairly basic grasp of the software standards one should expect from any of the leading development studios and software providers to make for a repetitively memorable casino player experience. For you to assertively judge acceptable software standards you should familiarise yourself with the brand names of the most reputable, leading software providers, the qualities making them unique, and some of the blockbuster gaming titles they became best known for.

Below we provide an essential list of the, most reputable casino software development studios and software/service providers to the online casino industry while discussing just a few of the most critically acclaimed software brand names.

The brand names on our list of software providers all established rock-solid reputations and achieved critical international acclaim prior to being chosen as suppliers to our range of high-end casino partners. All of these providers host numerous new game launches each year, continually expanding their already vast iGaming title libraries for the continued entertainment and joy of our player members. The brands appear in no particular order of preference, aside from discussing the most widely recognized studio brands first, starting with the highly competitive friend & opponent relationship that exists between two of the most high-profile companies, Microgaming and NetEnt, both of whom made claims to having established the first online casinos back in the mid-1990s.[/sub]



Evolution Gaming

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To refrain from becoming too long-winded, we will only discuss the few outstanding brands above. Our partnered casinos benefit from numerous other high-end products provided by software providers such as Playtech, The Stars Group – Amaya Gaming, WMS, NYX Gaming Limited and NextGen Gaming. Others worthy of mention include Bally Technologies, PLAY’nGO, Thunderkick Novomatic, ELK Studios, Yggdrasil, NYX Interactive, Quickspin, Rabcat, and iSoftBet. All have established equally impressive reputations for delivering equally impressive products.

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Mobile compatibility

Another important factor in educating yourself in your quest for finding your perfect online casino venues is each shortlisted site’s ability to provide full mobile compatibility via its quality and level of mobile integration. This is a factor that at first may seem a little superfluous, but anybody using public transport to and from their place of work, or while waiting on a meeting to begin, or an appointment to arrive will find few activities matching the capacity of an online gaming session to relax and release stress.

This requires an absolutely seamless transition of gaming sessions from desktop to mobile devices, or even the having convenience of permanently accessing your favourite online casinos via mobile from the comfort of your lounge couch or office. These levels of online casino entertainment can only be achieved by partnering with any of our high-end online casinos offering full-service mobile functionality. You will enjoy the convenience of using the exact same username and password immaterial of which device you prefer to use for accessing your casino player account.

Initially, mobile compatibility proved to be a fairly exceptional and scarce feature amongst online casinos. However, with the 2007 advent of the more powerful, latter-day mobile smart devices, i.e. various Android & iOS smartphones & tablets, fully comprehensive mobile compatibility became an absolute must-have for any leading online casino operator.

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The massive smart device user proliferation soon hit the iGaming arena in full-force, urging industry-leading software studios to fully explore and develop effective solutions that met the massive potential advantages these mobile devices offered to the online casino industry. This left online casinos and their developers in a bit of a conundrum since at the time, several burgeoning mobile operating systems were vying for control of the mobile online market. This meant each casino had to develop not just one but several dedicated applications in order to remain compatible to the complete smorgasbord of early mobile operating systems.

Fortunately, mobile technology and its online casino software platforms and gaming solutions have grown since these early beginnings. They have arrived at a current day format that allows for complete, fully comprehensive mobile device solutions with users able to interface with each and every aspect of an online casino entertainment venue. This includes everything from financial transacting options for deposits and withdrawals, to playing slots, and live casino gaming sessions, or placing sports wagers or any other service accessible via desktop PC.

Where it used to be an absolute must for each online casino to offer a dedicated, fully featured, downloadable mobile casino app, the industrywide incorporation of HTML5 based operating platforms and gaming solutions could eventually cause these dedicated apps to become redundant. Despite there still being a heavy presence and demand for a traditional dedicated mobile casino app amongst users, several reasons exist for the gradual, eventual disappearance of these dedicated mobile apps.

Firstly, since online casinos fully incorporated HTML5 as an operating platform, it lifted many previous software restrictions casinos, and website developers were faced with, enabling creators to develop full-featured, cross-platform mobile portals. Secondly, this development offered users the convenience of accessing their favourite online casino directly from ALL preferred mobile devices by simply accessing the mobile portal via any HTML5 compatible mobile Internet browser (nearly all popular, modern mobile browsers qualify). The third reason, this left mobile device casino gamers without any need to find an app compatible with their particular mobile device OS, then downloading and installing yet another dedicated app to access said casino.

Moreover, this would save precious storage space on the mobile devices that are accessing online casino and negate the onus that rests on the shoulders of each casino to have two or more dedicated applications developed to ensure full or even just partial compatibility with the various mobile device operating systems. The most common of those include iOS, Android, near defunct RIM (Blackberry OS), Windows Mobile OS, and the now hopefully permanently defunct Symbian OS.

In today’s fickle online entertainment market, the casino iGaming industry continues to enjoy massive demand and achieves equally impressive levels of success amongst both casual and regular perusers of dedicated mobile casino portals. Due to the outstanding levels of functionality and interactivity achieved by these HTML5 based mobile casino portals online iGaming entertainment venues are presently able to deliver remarkably convenient, seamless, and enjoyable online gaming sessions while on the go easily matching the user experience offered by any desktop device.

Our preferred casino partners all provide full mobile compatible functionality via both dedicated mobile apps as well as their latter-day virtual mobile casino portals. Today, virtually every player can enjoy the full user-friendly aesthetics, intuitive site navigation, high levels of security, gaming variety, convenient banking facilities, support services, and valuable promotional offers via their mobile devices.

Casino bonuses

Who loves to receive free money? I bet just about everyone, and no its definitely not a catch! Online or virtual casinos enjoy far lower overhead costs in comparison to their brick- ‘n-mortar cousins but suffer from a complete lack of customer visibility. They simply do not receive any of the benefits such as physical exposure to passerby traffic, and which delivers huge advertising possibilities for brand awareness via physical location, billboard promotional marketing material, etc. So! Despite the fact that our virtual casino entertainment providers have many marketing tools at their disposal, they have only ONE very powerful tool to attract new members… giving away FREE MONEY!

Our team of experts, for your benefit, selected our range of leading casinos to deliver this truly valuable, highly attractive honeypot to you in a number of different ways. Before any casino can start looking after their existing members, they first need to attract casual browsers to their site as an interested site visitor where-after they first need to become convinced to sign-up and to finally register as a new member. Interested site visitors get turned into newly registered members by two very important and very valuable promotional offers. In addition, casinos keep their existing loyal player members feeling welcome, satisfied, and wanted via a complete range of regular, innovative, valuable bonus offers and we aim to introduce you to all of them via discussion below as well as via our partnered casinos.

Please beware virtually all types of bonus funds remain subject to a number of terms and conditions which must be met before any of the bonus funds will be considered for withdrawal purposes. With terms and conditions, most common condition that needs to be met being the rollover or wagering requirement.

No Deposit Bonuses
Welcome Bonuses
Monthly and Reload Bonuses
Loyalty Bonuses
Payment Method Bonuses
VIP and High Roller Bonuses
Cash Back Bonuses
Refer a Friend Bonuses

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Payment methods

Online Banking, despite undeservedly earning widespread distrust in the past, evolved into one of the most widely-trusted, globally-accepted financing methods. It offers sophisticated, secure payment solutions to virtually any and all forms of transacting. In comparison, the advantages these electronic online payment methods enjoy over conventional banking methods start with the simple convenience of it all, ease of access, lightning speed, as well as a massive improvement in transactional security. One of the most convenient factors of playing at any online casino is the vast range of banking and payment options available for funding your casino player account. Casino members remain free to utilise most of these banking options for both deposit and withdrawal transactions.[/sub]
Casino Payment Methods

Few things prove as frustrating in today’s high-speed online environment as the inability to quickly request a withdrawal of your casino winnings and see the funds reflect just as speedily in your bank account. Our chosen casino partners all deliver a highly diverse, convenient variety of popular banking solutions covering payment methods offering various convenient, user-friendly options as eWallets from PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill with some accepting cryptocurrencies. Other commonly available funding methods include Phone Payments, Debit/Credit Cards from Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro etc., going on to cover additional accepted funding options such as bank transfers, checks, EcoPayz, Instadebit, and Paysafecard.

Casino members should be aware each chosen electronic payment method remain subject to a specified transactional processing delay period, with the length of each compulsory delay period set to remain compliant with all legal requirements determined by international banking laws. These legally required delay periods may also vary between different countries due to local banking restrictions.

Customer support

The quality and standard of customer support delivered by any casino service support team has the capacity to uplift or instantly destroy your casino player experience instantly. Our partnered casinos remain acutely aware a great part of their hard-earned reputations was built on the standards and levels of service quality they unfailingly provide to their members each and every day, a factor which should serve to reassure you of their continued commitment to achieve your expected level of satisfaction in all your potential queries.

Unfortunately, the true value of excellent customer support will under normal conditions only ever be realised whenever one thing or another has gone seriously wrong in a casino member’s gaming session or personal player account. During such occurrences, the client has the fullest right to receive the best information and assistance informing him what has gone wrong, by when, and how the issue will be rectified.

Available languages and account currencies

An easy to overlook factor, yet one of the most straightforward considerations in choosing your perfect online casino partner. If you cannot understand it and you cannot pay for it, it probably is not for you. Fortunately, due to their continued appeal to an international audience, our leading online casinos offer their websites in several comprehensively translated language versions, logically, casinos tend to accept currencies accordant with each offered country’s language. Most casinos offer the most commonly spoken language options in and around central Eurasia, including the broader Scandinavian and some CIS countries.

However, if you are fortunate enough to competently communicate in more than one language and/or have access to more than one bank account or payment method in more than one country, it opens up a couple of important factors you may want to consider.

Before taking a running jump at any of these potential options, please take note some casinos insist your preferred currency must remain fixed and cannot be changed without a fair amount of effort, red tape, and time. This is not an unwillingness or failure on their part but is simply one of the licensing and jurisdictional restrictions imposed on them, with the restriction aimed at preventing criminal activities such as money laundering and fraud.

If you have access to multiple currencies, you may first want to consider the following questions. Does the casino offer a currency you have easy, convenient ways of accessing and regularly funding that particular bank account? How will a fluctuating exchange rate affect your gaming sessions? Will you incur any additional fees for currency conversion by the casino, if so can I do the conversion myself using one of the eWallets such as PayPal or Neteller or even TransferWise they still have charges for currency conversion but cheaper any casino? Many frequent travellers keep such options available as solutions for travelling purposes when they are forced to deal with multiple currencies and handily some casinos also accept a second currency.

Digital currencies offer a lot of freedom at no additional conversion or administration fees. You may prefer to play using Bitcoin or one of the other cryptocurrencies, all having proven themselves as an online gambler’s very best friend for the high levels of security and complete anonymity they offer. These decentralised, relatively deregulated digital currencies break down tightly controlled financial and political barriers existing between countries today and became the first true global payment system.

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Live Casino games – how important are they?

Any contemporary casino wanting to grow and thrive will definitely need to include an expansive variety of live dealer games in its gaming arsenal. Thankfully, due to the advent of Live Dealer Casino Games, the days of waiting in a queue for an open seat at a gambling table before taking a seat in an atmosphere filled with the distracting buzz of slot machines are finally over. You can now sit and enjoy all the action offered by a classic table gaming session while using your laptop/PC, or mobile smart device of choice from the comfort of your own lounge couch while having a beer and pizza.

Gambling in one form or another has been in existence since the dawn of man, with the first online casinos seeing the light of day in the mid-1990s to great success, the first live dealer gaming titles soon followed in the early 2000’s. This launched a second great consumer demand in the online casino industry with huge numbers of players wanting to experience the immersive excitement and social interaction offered by live dealer online casinos. Subsequently, the levels and standards of available live dealer technology grew in leaps and bounds until arriving at its contemporary format where software development brands such as Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and NetEnt rule an extremely high-quality roost!

Live Dealer versus RNG, what is the main difference between live dealer casino action and the more commonly known online casino games such as slots, video poker, roulette etc. In virtual games such as slots, a specialised software program called a random number generator determines the results of each game’s s outcome, whereas in live dealer games a live human dealer with conventional gaming paraphernalia such as cards, or roulette wheel determine the outcome of each game. In addition, live dealer games offer great platforms for social interaction and fantastic levels of immersion that are simply impossible to match in any other style of online casino gaming.

To create the best possible levels of immersive reality, all games come streamed from dedicated live dealer broadcast studios or specialised land-based casino studios via broadband low latency lines caring high-definition video feeds. Players can freely join tables by taking any available seat with all the table action made available from multiple camera angles which constantly show the dealer’s hands and are situated around the studio and players able to communicate between themselves and with the dealer freely.

If Live Dealer games turn out to deliver the kind of action you prefer, you should give serious consideration to the number of tables and seats in each game and how busy their games are before picking your future casino of choice.

[sub textalign=”center”]Due to its extreme popularity, the available types and variants of live dealer games grew exponentially, to offer multiple variants of traditional classic casino table games, with human dealers hosting games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and Sic Bo in real-time. In addition, each of the live dealer games are available from several different software development studios including Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Amaya Gaming, and a number of others. With some software developers such as, new kids on the block, Evolution Gaming, having established a fantastic name for their high-quality product, has been pushing the limits of what is possible in live dealer systems, also opted to specialize in live dealer gaming systems producing complete platform solutions such as their brilliant Poker Stars network.[/sub]
[s valign=”top” textalign=”left” style=”light-gray”]For instance, Live Dealer Blackjack, to name a few, consist of variants such as:

  • Blackjack Party
  • Perfect Pairs
  • 21+3
  • Pre-Decision
  • Bet Behind
  • Blackjack Blue
  • VIP
  • Asia
  • Unlimited Blackjack
  • Diamond VIP

Live Dealer Poker delivers variants include:

  • Caribbean Stud
  • Ultimate Texas Hold‘em
  • Casino Hold’em & Jumbo7
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Three Card Poker
  • and others

[sub textalign=”center”]With all the other classic table games roulette, baccarat, etc. enjoying similar variant ranges it certainly leaves online casinos and their members in a good position to provide and enjoy the very best in live dealer entertainment.[/sub]
How the games are played?

Members wanting to experience the thrilling action offered by Live Dealer style games at any of our partnered casinos simply need to visit the casino, sans into their player account and select their favourite game. Momentarily the video link will come to life, where-after players instantly enjoy the immersion of their first live dealer, studio or even a true casino, experience.

Before each game commences the human dealer greets and welcomes all the players to their table, each game starts only once all players become seated at the virtual table. The different game types available in the online live casinos all start and remain subject to a rule set extremely similar to those of their regular counterparts.

Are they available for free?

Unfortunately, none of the live dealer games are available in a free to play mode due to the prohibitive cost of running a specialised studio and full-time live dealers, but the action and rules remain the same as one would experience in any land-based casino.

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Casino Security and Safety

With cybercrime levels of all types increasing in sophistication and regularity the security and safety levels casinos employed to protect your privacy and finances would certainly be the number one factor to consider before making any further considerations or choices. In the earlier part of our ramblings under licensing, regulations, banking, and fair practices we discussed and covered many of the factors posing a risk to the security and safety of online casinos and the activities of members.

We have to this point established that you have the necessary information to thoroughly vet your shortlisted casinos ensuring they adhere to jurisdictional licensing regulations, and met stringent audit requirements we still need to discuss the following:

What exactly makes gaming sessions at any online casino secure? How can you be certain your personal and financial information supplied to the casino remains private and secure? How secure are the details of my account and financial transactions?

More about the security
Your first layer of protection, forming part of your initial sign-up and registration procedure you are required to choose a personal private login name/number and a password known only to yourself. Your second layer of protection, thereafter you are required to submit a further number of security questions and answers which are responsible for creating an additional layer of protection should your password possibly become compromised in the future.

Your third layer of protection, upon making your first real cash money deposit the casino, at times requires you to provide additional age and identification verification. Those acceptable include a scanned copy of your valid national photo ID, driver’s license, passport, a utility bill or bank statement reflecting your address as proof of residence or the front of your debit/credit card. This serves to protect against underage or unlawful deposits made illegally in your name. Your fourth layer of protection, upon making any request for withdrawal the casino accounts department will once again require you to re-verify all the above proof of identity details. Your fifth layer of protection, if any doubt exists in the mind of the support staff about the identity of the person making the request for withdrawal they will lock down the account until proper verification of your account ownership can be done via the correct identity and residential details.

Despite cases of theft and fraud remaining few and far between, online casinos maintain the highest levels of safety and security as per regularly audited industry standards enforced by independent regulatory bodies such as eCOGRA. In addition, industry grade firewalls protect databases containing client financial and private data and communications via a minimum of 128-bit SSL protocols. Adding to the above security measures casinos ensure each webpage provide the best keeping your gaming sessions secure and private by utilising more modern and secure versions of HTTP such as HTTPS.

Do online casinos limit successful players?

Casinos generally encourage players to enjoy themselves as much as is healthy and possible without setting any limits on winning. The more often players win, the more they continue playing for longer sessions!

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The differences between an online casino and a local casino?

Online or virtual casino venues have, as online software technology progressed, become a popular source of entertainment gradually standing in for their brick and mortar counterparts. This transition of loyalties occurred for several reasons of great benefit to their clientele.

Numerous current casino members have, at some point in their life, been either regular or one-time visitors to a land-based casino and making the move to a conveniently accessible online version of casino entertainment form part of a natural progression. On the flipside of the coin, prior to the introduction of online casinos, many players never visited any form of gambling entertainment venue, however, as the general public matured in their online habits they started searching for and utilising additional forms of entertainment. Due to effective, wide-ranging marketing campaigns online casinos started reaching a greater part of online perusers whose curious nature drove them to explore this newfound source of potential entertainment and excitement that offered them free money but if only they signed up.

People simply made the move for a couple of very good reasons, the first and foremost being a matter of convenience. Due to the easy access and easy-going nature of online casinos, they allow you to enjoy all the excitement found in conventional land-based casinos without having to leave the comfort of your home. This saves on the cost of having to arrange an expensive sitter for the baby/kids/pets, get dressed, make travel arrangements, refuel the car and withdraw cash. It also saves on having to brave congested traffic, wait for or find parking, stand in a long queue waiting to convert the cash you just drew into credits, or wait for an open seat at a gambling table or favourite slot machine.

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Why online casinos are better?

If the above inconveniences do not provide enough reason, consider online casinos due to their very nature offer a near endlessly greater variety and number of gaming options, all of which vastly outdo anything a traditional casino could ever hope to offer, plus you never have to wait for a seat at any game.

Players of online slots also stand a chance to experience the extreme excitement of winning one of the life-changing progressive jackpots known to pay out winnings in the multimillions each year. Two of the top slot gaming titles Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah vying back and forth with each wanting to hold the top spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as having recorded the largest payout by an online slot machine with the current payout record for a single winning triggered at more than £13 million.

Members of online casinos also experience far better chances of winning, with odds offered by each game substantially improved as well and there is no concern about geographic restrictions. If you can fund your account, you can play there, and cryptocurrencies become a brilliant and simple solution to those unfortunate enough to be restricted in such a manner.

Online casinos enjoy far lower overheads and resultantly have more money to regularly offer great special promotions and bonuses of varying types as per our earlier discussion.

Players at online casinos do not have to suffer a stuffy, buzzing, cacophony filled atmosphere where they have to pay a premium for food and drinks.

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